Come see our beautiful selection of pumpkins! We have little pumpkins, big pumpkins, sweet pie pumpkins, cinderellas, gourds of all kinds, hay bales, and corn stalks too! Some are mighty tasty to cook with – we like old-fashioned pumpkin pie, roasted seeds, and even pumpkin bread. Some are better to carve or decorate than to eat. And some really unusual ones are delightful as fall décor! Whatever you are looking for, you and your family will have a great time picking out the perfect pumpkin to take home!

We are closed for the season. See you in 2020!

Pumpkin Patch Rules

    • Do not kick or throw pumpkins
    • Do not sit on pumpkins
    • No running in the pumpkin patch
    • No rough-play in the pumpkin patch
    • No smoking in the pumpkin patch
    • Do not roll pumpkins to your destination. Our pumpkins might look tough, but they are easily bruised and are no good once damaged!
    • Pumpkins must be paid for before being taken to your vehicles
    • Sorry, no dogs permitted on the property with the exception of service dogs.
    • HAVE FUN!!!

***Our rules are put in place to ensure the safety of yourself and others, and to protect our crops. Sunset Valley Farm reserves the right to ask anyone in violation of our rules to leave the property without refund.***

Colonists sliced off the pumpkin tops, removed the seeds and filled the insides with milk, spices and honey. This was baked in hot ashes and is the origin of the pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin Fun Facts!!

  • Pumpkins are 90% water.
  • Pumpkins were once recommended for removing freckles and curing snake bites.
  • Native Americans used pumpkin seeds for food and medicine.
  • Pumpkins are used to make soups, pies and breads.
  • Pumpkin Flowers are edible.
  • The largest pumpkin pie ever made was over 5 feet in diameter and weighed over 350 pounds. It used 80 pounds of cooked pumpkin, 36 pounds of sugar, 144 eggs and took 6 hours to bake.